Today we presented Sam with his very own custom adaptive bicycle made by Freedom Concepts. We are so proud to welcome Sam and his entire family to ours. Ride far and fast Sammy! See you again very soon.
Please join us in celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Thank you so much for your continued support.
Today we delivered a bunch of brand new bicycles to a great group of kiddos. Thanks to the Terminus Chapter of the Gunfighters M/C and to all of you who donated to help make this happen. The staff and PTO at this school are absolutely amazing.
Today was Brandon's day. We presented him and his mom with a new adaptive bicycle built by Freedom Concepts at All About Kids Therapy Services, Inc. Special thanks to George and Cathy O'Sullivan for flying in from Texas to be there with us and for sponsoring the bike. Such wonderful people.
3TSports athletes Bill Halstead and Jason McCaffrey from Vermont's Toughest and "Prissy Hippy and the Athlete" competed at Ironman Florida to raise money for Extra Special People, Inc. and Miracle League. Thanks to our amazing donors $15,000 was raised to go toward building the field.
3TSports gifted $1000 to construct a new playground at Jefferson Academy in Jefferson, GA.
This fundraiser was the very first one we held. A very special thank you, to all of you that trusted us to be good stewards of your donations. On the drive to New Orleans to deliver this bike, and meet the amazing people you see in the video, Scott and I hoped what we were about to experience, would make an impact.
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