100% Goal

It's our goal to ensure that 100% of your charitable donation goes to our Charity Recipients and causes.  We utilize donations from our Corporate Partners to cover administrative costs.  Once those administrative costs are covered, 100% of your donation will be given to our Charity Recipients or causes.

What is my donation used for?

By choosing 3TSports, you are supporting the team directly to help us with our fundraising efforts. If you choose one of our Charity Recipients or causes, your donation will be used specifically for that Charity Recipient or cause.  100% of your donation will be given if our administration costs are covered for the year.  If costs aren't covered, 3TSports will retain 14% of your donation, giving the remaining 86% to the Charity Recipient or cause, until which time administrative costs are covered.

why do you have administrative costs?

There are various expenses related to operating non-profit organizations just like any business.  While we make the commitment to streamline our processes, and reduce those expenses as much as possible, there are fixed costs.  It's also our goal to raise as many contributions for our Charity Recipients and causes as possible.  In order to do that, we must promote our cause.  Our primary outlet for promotion is the events we attend and compete in.  There are also other costs related to promotion and operation like credit card fees, website fees, accounting, etc.  We look for every opportunity to reduce these costs to provide maximum benefit to our Charity Recipients and causes.


We are the common person who simply wants to help others.  We aren't professional athletes.  We aren't wealthy.  We all have full time jobs for which we must support our families.  We have someone in the motorcycle industry, another in outside sales, one in automation and robotics, one in television broadcasting, and one in speech therapy.  We do have things in common.  We use the athletic abilities we have, to inspire others.  We want to help those who need it most.  We need your help.

are there other ways to support 3tsports?

Yes.  You can purchase items from our store.  Proceeds from your purchase go to help people in need.  You can also share our cause to your family, friends, and over social media.  Every little bit helps.

can i be on the 3tsports team as a team member?

Yes.  You can purchase team gear from the store or raise donations for 3TSports.  As you raise donations, you will be awarded points which will go toward the purchase of official 3TSports Team Gear.