Welcome Our Newest Board Member

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Bill and Stacy met in 2006.  Instantly, Stacy fell head over heels for Bill and were married in 2007.  Stacy is also known as "Tripps Mom".

When Tripp's accident occurred in 2012, Stacy instantly became a full time wife, mother, care giver, and a champion to special needs families the world over. 

When Bill began his triathlon career, Stacy was his avid supporter at the races cheering him on.  Over the years, Stacy also managed to pick up a healthier lifestyle, began running, riding a bicycle, and swimming.  It wasn't long before she ran her first 5k, 10k, and half marathon. 

Bill and Stacy's lives took an unexpected turn again when Tripp passed away in March 2018.  Despite insurmountable odds, on May 20th 2018, Stacy triumphantly completed her first IRONMAN 70.3 in Chattanooga, TN in memory and honor of her little "Trippadoo".


Throughout their journey, Stacy took notice of all of the people who needed the same help they received during Tripp's treatment.  Stacy has a mission to pay forward the help and support they received, to others who need it most as part of Tripp's legacy.

Stacy shares the same vision as 3TSports . . . to compete and raise awareness for many special organizations while honoring all the love that Tripp brought to the world.  Stacy put it best, "We just want to share the love".