Infinit Joins 3TSports

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Infinit Nutrition!

Extreme endurance sports like Ironman triathlons require specialized nutrition. Over the course of a race that lasts several hours,  an athlete will burn thousands of calories. We know the body is capable of absorbing only 300 calories an hour however. During that time,  one also depletes essential minerals from their muscles. Race nutrition is a complicated science. Typically,  fuel is taken in by injesting gels which provide about 100 calories per pack so you have to consume 3 packs per hour. Races can last 10-15 hours.... That's a bunch of packs to tape to your bike or carry in your pockets. Also,  it's important to eat salt pills,  energy,  bars,  etc. Infinit Nutrition solves that problem. 


Infinit custom blends the required calories,  nutrients,  and flavor into a convenient drink mix so you can have your water and nutrition combined. No more need to carry gel packs or even stop during a 6 hour race pace bike ride or a long run. 

For 3TSports.... Infinit wanted to be a part of supporting our athletes and our efforts to make a difference in people's lives. They are providing a 15% discount to our supporters, team members and athletes. They are also donating 5% of all those purchases back to 3TSports.  

Awesome companies like this, that provide an incredible product and give back in support, help us help so many.  

Thanks Infinit,  we are happy to have you racing with us.  If you'd like to order yours, use the discount code 3TSports and click here to visit their website.