Welcome our First Honorary Team Member

Meet Geordie Huguley.  Yes...those are 18 gold medals, 9 silver, and 1 bronze.  That's a lot of hardware.  Geordie is quite an accomplished swimmer, sports blogger, all around cool guy, and our first honorary 3TSports Team Member!


Geordie graduated high school in 2013 and is attending college at St Michael Exploration Acedemy.  He also works at Tulane University, is a member of the Jojo Hope Swim Team in New Orleans, LA, and from what we were told, has an adorable girlfriend - Rebecca.

In his spare time, he works with the McLindon Family Foundation and is responsible for most of the video footage you see from their awesome adaptive bicycle presentations.

We met Geordie when we attended the bike presentation for Gabriel and were instantly drawn to his personality.  He threw his arms open, gave us hugs, and started right in with the funniest dry sense of humor.  Geordie, you are a great fella.  You demonstrate a drive and character that's inspirational to everyone you meet.  We are proud to have you on board.