Operation Give Back - Pease Brothers for Kona

Kona, Hawaii . . . the home of the original IRONMAN competition and one of the most challenging sporting events on the planet.  To earn a spot in the World Championship at Kona is a dream of every triathlete.  It's a reward for years of hard work and dedication to the sport.  For this fundraiser, we want to give back to an organization that has been doing amazing work for persons with disabilities through inclusion in sports.  The Pease Brothers are going to Kona and they need our help.

To celebrate this amazing achievement, we are combining two races to help raise money to cover expenses for the Pease Brothers trip to Kona.  On Saturday, August 4th, Bill, Stacy, and Michelle will be competing at the Lake Logan Half Iron distance triathlon.  Then on Monday, September 3rd, Kevin, Hayes, and Hayes's dad Jon will be racing in the Big Peach Sizzler 10k.  The Kyle Pease Foundation is providing the chair and entry fees for Kevin, Jon, and Hayes to race.  This will be Jon and Hayes's very first race together...VERY SPECIAL DAY!


Tri for hayes

Our most recent fundraiser for Hayes and his adaptive bicycle was a huge success.  Very soon, Hayes will be riding his brand new bike.  Hayes and his family attended the triathlon to cheer us on.  After experiencing the event, Hayes and his dad Jon have gotten the bug and want to start competing together.

kyle pease foundation

Meet Brent and Kyle Pease, founders of the Kyle Pease Foundation.  The purpose of the Kyle Pease Foundation (KPF) is to create awareness and raise funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports.

Brent and Kyle have earned their Kona spot.  Not only because of their multiple IRONMAN finishes, but also because of their tireless efforts for disabled athletes.  Please help us support an organization that has done so much good for others.  Kona...the Pease Brothers are coming!