You can make a difference. If you are a company, charity, or an individual that wants to make an impact, we have several ways you can help. 


marketing partnership

This partnership will have a direct and positive impact on your business and bottom line.  Primarily, this would promote products and services to very specific target markets, niche markets, and events within geographic regions and could come monetarily or in the form of product used by 3TSports athletes.

philanthropic partnership

This partnership is a donation or gift to 3TSports and is typically a tax deductible charitable contribution.  A portion of your donation is used to assist with team operating expenses, travel, supplies and event entry fees.  The remainder of your donation can be forwarded to our Charity Recipients or one of your choice.

join the team

If you would like to be a part of something bigger than yourself, you can join the 3TSports Team by purchasing items from our store.  Profits will donated to our Charity Recipients.  Option 2, you can help 3TSports raise money for our Charity Recipients and earn points toward the purchase of team gear.

corporate partnership

This partnership is a provision of funding or product by a company for our activities not directly related to your normal business.  Often companies partner in this manner to reinforce a positive public perception, to communicate to a defined market, build positive public perception, and maintain image.

charity recipients

If you are a charity and wish to increase exposure, need assistance to increase donations, or would like representation at sporting events, donor appreciation events, or fundraising events, you can be a Charity Recipient.


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about 3TSports and our Partners in Achievement. You can make a tremendous impact by becoming an active advocate yourself.  Join the team and spread the word.  Someone in need will benefit.