We help because we care.


Our Mission

3TSports and our Partners in Achievement combine athletic ability and your generosity to improve quality of life for those who need it most. 


We are a non-profit collective of selfless athletes who want to help people. Through the sport of triathlon and the three sports it's comprised of (swimming, cycling and running), we compete to raise funds and promote awareness for our charity recipients. The dedication of our athletes in training, preparing for, and finishing long endurance events, serves as a representation of the struggles special needs families face daily. We achieve our best for those who need it most.

origins of 3TSports and Team Boom


Millions of people world-wide have been a part of Tripp Halstead's journey.  He continues to warm hearts and inspire people.  3TSports began as a Tribute To Tripp and a desire to nourish his legacy. Tripp is Team Boom . . . and Team Boom is in all of us.

Tripp Halstead (2010 - 2018)

Seeing the effort it takes to compete in your sport and the energy you guys put into it is so inspiring. The fact that you do it to help people you may never have met, is astounding. Thank you.
— Richard G., Alpharetta, Georgia

3tsports is an awesome organization that supports our local community and well beyond. I love being part of a bigger picture. I now not only get up and train for myself, but I feel I can make a difference in the lives of others.
— Meghan Roberts, Woodstock, Georgia

They donated an adaptive bike for my grandson he is loving his bike!!! Every time he would come to my house he would see the tricycle I had and he wanted to ride it so bad, I had to hide it from him!!! So 3T Sports are selfless people who go the extra mile for children!!!
— Cheryl St Martin - New Orleans, LA

Great organization. Check out their page. Support them any way you can.
— Anita Parrish

Great people doing great things to help others.
— Jessia Chavez